Oak Bluffs

various dates


Campground House


Jed Conlin on Chester and Island Queen


Looking for his ball



Bench Sitter - summer on Seaview Avenue at Inkwell Beach


Election day 2010

bicycle lane



Foot Race February 19, 2011

photo essay

I enjoy various Vineyard Gazette editorial assignments

It’s called the MV20Miler and it was started fourteen years ago by Bill Brown as an opportunity for runners to tune up for marathons and - no less important - to raise funds for Martha’s Vineyard Charities. It’s also a huge boost for Vineyard businesses. “We get people from all over the country - Ohio, California, Florida,” says organizer Kathy O’Sullivan. “We filled the Vineyard this weekend. It’s February - are you kidding me? We had people staying here for the entire weekend because they want to come and run Martha’s Vineyard and stay here off season It’s great. We love it - thats why we do it.” About 470 runners signed up this year. The race begins at the Ferry Terminal in Vineyard Haven and wends it’s circuitous way along the ocean to finish at the Oak Bluffs School.”It was a great year,” says Kathy. “No snow, all the bike paths were open, a great year except the wind was awful. More people dropped out because of the wind than anything else.” These photographs were taken at a water stop just before second inlet to Sengekontacket Pond. Vineyard Gazette February 25, 2011



This one was taken with the famous "kitecam"

a "self-motivating anti-gravity device" of my own design.


Winter 2011

my first winter on the island

Ice - January

Winter Reflections - January

As the snow melts in late February - skiiers leave the evidence of their passing

South Shore - Winter Storm - Last day of February


Oak Bluffs arrows

Steamship Authority Dock

December 4, 2009

the shadows were stunning in the early morning light

they made my mouth water...








I love to look for patterns...

Ferry docking at night

Chair shadows

coming home...


Gaff Race