A Harthaven Album


Harthaven 2007

c. 1920 - building materials are brought in by schooner

Vibberts' Home - c. 1955

Aboard Wildcat - Jim Hart right

names of others?

Maurice Stanley, Bill Hart, Jim (Howard) Hart

Virginia Low aboard Sea Hound

Harthaven Sailing School - Phronsie Conlin right

who is the other girl? and the boy behind?

E.A. Moore andd Martha Hart Moore home - Barmaid in front.

Windward II in front of Vibberts' house

Hart Family Gathering 1 - date and place unknown

can you name some of these folks?

Elise Russel, Connie Russel, Alice Hart, Polly White

Sandy Low's artist group - Jim Cagney (3rd from left), Sandy Low (6th from left), Steve Dohanos (8th from left), Louis Fusari (9th from left).


Jim Hart teaching Sailing on Ice House Pond.

can you name the kids?


Post Cover by Steve Dohanos featuring Harthaven Residents

left to right Walter Hart, Artist's daughter-in-law, Artissts's son, Artists's granddaughter,

Sammy Low, Ginnie Low, Phronside Conlin, Jack Vibberts, Frank Vibberts, Deke (dog)


Alice Moore - clambake

Early Clambake 1

anyone know who these folks are?

Clambake - Ed Conlin, Jim Cagney, Sandy Low

Clambake - Frank Vibberts


Gay Moore, Sandy Low, Martha Moore


Ginnie Low

Phil Corbin and William H Hart in Oak Bluffs


Phronsie Conlin

Bill Hart and Lucy Upham

Bill Hart


Hart Family Portrait 1




Harthaven Catboat

names? which boat?