Hawaiki Rising Reader Reviews

“…anyone who wants to be moved, inspired and kept on the edge of their seat living a great adventure – this is the book. With grace and skill, one of the truly great human adventures has been preserved forever.” Mindi Reed

The pacing is great. A good read. Fast, interesting… I adore the portraits of the various players, including minor ones.” Author Christina Thompson.

“…written in such descriptive terms that I felt as though I was on the canoe. I could not put the book down.” Richard Hardy, Honolulu

“As a journalist, it is always a pleasure for me to read fine writing that is rooted in painstaking interviewing.” Author Sally-Jo Keala-O-Anuenue Bowman

“…inspires us to hope for intelligent and peaceful resolutions to challenges that face each of us individually and all of us collectively. It’s a book that resonates far beyond Hawaii and the Pacific.” Lorna Strand, Aiea, Hawaii

…a superb book by a superb writer …THE best book on voyaging that has ever been done, and likely ever will be done.” Author MacKinnon Simpson

“It was the most moving book I have read. When it ended I wept. Bless you for writing it with such understanding and bless those who continue to voyage.”
Dixie Brown

“…a story of finding one’s self, one’s conviction, one’s cultural destiny.” Mike and Diana M. Shaw

I read Kon Tiki in high school and KNEW it was not the real path of Polynesians.”
Sandy Ednie

I just finished Hawaiki Rising. Your book is so beautiful and powerfully moving. I am basking in the feelings of deep reverence and inspiration that fill me upon finishing it. I wanted to write you while these feelings are still so strong. Thank you for the honest insights into all of Hokule’a’s story. I have a much deeper understanding of this place and the deep feelings of the people, the Hawaiian people, here today. I have “felt” some of these things but your book has helped me have a better understanding. I savored this book and purposely put it down so it would not end too soon.

I will be thinking of Hokule’a and her crew as they sail on their mission and hope they will find their way to some of the islands that I was fortunate to visit on my short few months of sailing in the South Pacific. My heart is always going back to the sea remembering the feelings of sailing and seeing islands rise up out of the ocean.

Thank you for your beautiful story telling.

Patti – Amazon.com

“This book will become a cornerstone in future libraries that hold the story of Hawaii’s people and their accomplishments. The mastery of the story telling is equaled by the amazing spirit of the people of the canoe. Nainoa runs so deep in his own soul and takes us all with him on both his personal and greater story of discovery. The teachings are many and the layers of revealed understanding are a glimpse into this spirit that masterfully guides us and makes this whole experience personal and global, cosmic and real. Gratitude to all. Once you put this book down, it continues to vibrate in your being for many months to come.”

Sharon Hayden
Niulii, Hawaii

Reading this book, I felt like I was transported back in time and space, on a sailing canoe traversing the vast Pacific, sailing towards Hawaiki. What a comprehensive retelling of the Hokule’a story and the extraordinary men and women who risked their lives to sail her on the journey of rediscovery. Beautifully written, Sam Low’s account is immensely readable, and will take you inside the culture and politics of the times, as well as the psyches of those who sailed on Hokule’a.

Sam Low’s writing has such hypnotic appeal that this book is hard to put down. I would fall asleep reading a chapter, then wake up in the middle of the night to pick up where I left off, until I would fall asleep again, dreaming of voyaging and finding new islands. As Eddie Aikau said, “I want to sea Tahiti rise from the sea.” A week after reading the last chapter, it still resonates with me.

Amazon.com review by honoliigirl

First, let me say that the book is like a fair wind, it pulls one right along. I have read several books related to Hawaii since I returned to the Islands three years ago after 30 years on the mainland, and I think yours is an important book. Hokulea and the Polynesian Voyaging Society have certainly made an impact on Hawaii. The voyaging canoe has become iconic here. The Waikiki Yacht Club has perpetual trophies in the form of voyaging canoes, and today at Treetops Restaurant in Manoa Valley I noticed that their buffet line was decorated with two model voyaging canoes.

Andrea and I encountered your book again two weeks ago at Costco and picked up another copy to send to our daughter on the mainland.

I found your book compelling, readable, and a good balance of technical detail and personal stories to illustrate the drama the history holds. I also appreciate the abundance of photographs and illustrations you provide. I think I know more about navigation now.

Rick Wagner

“Got my copy of Hawaiki Rising! Was supposed to be airplane reading but I couldn’t wait! I’m only on chapter 2 but I already want a class set for next year!

Stayed up late reading, fed kids cleaned up and started reading again. It’s like I’m transported back in time. I can’t explain it. I can’t put it down. I’m hearing all these voices coming to life, all their experiences. People I know, I see them in a whole new context! Makes me want to learn more…

I finished it that same day! It was great. Easy to read, gave voice and details to a story I knew a little bit about.”

Kuuleianuhea Awo-Chun
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