Lucy Vincent Beach - Sam Low Photo
Lucy Vincent Beach - Martha's Vineyard - Sam Low Photo


House and Land for sale in Harthaven, Martha's Vineyard


Diver tags wooden hull planks of Byzantine ship wreck

Institute of Nautical Archeology photo

Scrapbook - Yassi Ada - Excavating a Byzantine Shipwreck

Movies - a personal list


Snapshots from daily life

Toyota FJ40 Landcruiser

Boys and Toys

Scrapbook - PBA

Public Broadcasting Associates

Scurrilous snaps - Producing "The Ring of Truth"


Peter Throckmorton fills lifting baloon to raise cargo

from the ancient Torre Sgaratta shipwreck

Scrapbook - Excavating a Roman Shipwreck

Underwater Archeology - Torre Sgaratta, Italy.

A National Geographic Society Expedition

El Porvenir - a squatter settlement in the Peruvian desert

Scrapbook - A Peruvian Squatter Settlement

El Porvenir

a photo essay of a year-and-a-half sojourn in a Peruvian squatter settlement

Automobile Racing

Harthaven Herald

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