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Steamer Nantucket on a cold Fall Day - 2005

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Library - Martha's Vineyard
Here are some articles I have written about Martha's Vineyard:

Harthaven - The Best Darn Place To Grow Up





A Ketch called Destiny

Martha's Vineyard Magazine

Rick Haslet builds a masterpiece

May-June 2006

THE HEIST - "stealing the Benton murals"


Shipwreck! Discovering the Port Hunter

18 years old - the adventure of a lifetime in Vineyard waters

Everyday island

A series of photographs of everyday life on the Vineyard with extended captions


"It Freed His Heart"

Thomas Hart Benton's Vineyard

Martha's Vineyard Magazine

July 2004


The Battle of Beetlebung Corners

Through the lens of - Sam Low

Vineyard Gazette

August 14, 2007

Howard Coe - A Man's Gold Standard

On Howard's 90th Birthday

The Vineyard Gazette, September 24, 2004

"A Place of Our Own"

Oak Bluffs' African-American Community

The Vineyard Gazette September 3, 2004

"Power Prestige and Wealth"

An anthropological look at philanthropy

The Vineyard Gazette August 6 2004

"Cultures of Community and Consumption"

Engines of growth threaten the Vineyard

The Vineyard Gazette July 27, 2004

"Oak Bluffs - a Pivot Point for Change?"

A garage - and greed - in Oak Bluffs

The Vineyard Gazette July 20, 2004

"Family Spirits"

Ancestral spirits and a special harbor

The Vineyard Gazette July 9, 2004

"Resistance to Change"

Why don't those new people wave?

The Vineyard Gazette 2004

"A Map of the Heart" - A Sense of Place on Martha's Vineyard
Martha's Vineyard Magazine, May-June Edition, 2001.

"Decline and Fall"

Ecological disaster awaits the unwary

Vineyard Gazette - September 23, 2003

"A Hurricane is Coming"
Memories of big winds

The Vineyard Gazette - September 16, 2003

"Bubba and his Cellphone"

Bubba gets his comeuppance

The Vineyard Gazette

"Three Decades of 'Looking at the Vineyard'".
Planning the island viewscape

The Vineyard Gazette - Friday, August 29, 2003

"A Family Gathering"
The Vineyard Gazette - September 5, 2003

"Low Tide" - painting of Menemsha in 1937 by Sanford Ballard Dole Low



Featured Opinion Article

Vineyard Gazette
August 3, 2012

words and graphic by Sam Low

Learjets on final approach ride wakes of noise, the whoosh of traffic throbs off the seawall and the wail of the lumpen mob soars over Circuit Avenue.

It’s summer.

It’s time for the earnest toilers of commerce to harvest the golden hordes. In fact, it’s July 21st and the Monster Shark Tournament is in Oak Bluffs and with it the yahoos in their plastic boats, rafted up three, four to a mooring - hundreds of them bobbing in the crowded harbor.

The howling, caterwauling mob amuses themselves by, among other things, throwing beer bottles at Steve Maxner as he paddles by in his tiny kayak, a solo protestor in their midst, his sign telling them "Killing sharks for fun and prizes is a crime against nature. Shame on us."

The sign is like a torch thrown in the slime of beer and gasoline that rimes the harbor’s still waters and it ignites the hivemind to a frenzy.

“Who is this bozo?”

“Some limp-wristed environmentalist!”

“Get the water-bombs”

What they don’t know is that Steve is a Viet Nam War veteran, who has seen what they never will, or want to, of war and of defending his country - no, their country - so they can play their pampered games cradled by the thump of boom boxes and stirred by the blood lust of running down leviathans of the sea in their palatial sport yachts.

At night the howling mob takes to the bars, then the streets. A brawl breaks out near the Madison Inn on Kennebec avenue and there are fisticuffs in front of the taxi stand on the corner of Lake and Circuit Avenues, the Dive Bar and Seasons Pub. Police chase a man trying to escape by scaling fences, running over roofs and through the Campgrounds. A young visitor from Worcester tries to steal a moped and is apprehended on Central Avenue. A woman, armed with a knife, chases a man through the streets. Twenty-one arrests are made, four people are taken into protective custody and there are one hundred and forty calls for assistance to police. Our local force is overwhelmed so Tisbury Police lend a hand.

The Monster Shark Tournament - it’s like a Rorschach test and there are many conclusions to be drawn.

From the perspective of our police force it looks like more men will be needed next year.

From the perspective of the everyday taxpayer, it looks like our taxes will go up.

From the Perspective of the Great Shark Tournament, it’s good for business. Two million dollars worth of business claims Steven James, organizer of the event.

Good for business? Really? Is that all we ever think about in Oak Bluffs?


"Vineyard Great Ponds Impose Natural Limits on Growth"
The Vineyard Gazette - July 1, 2003

"Right to Vote Versus Right to Greed"
Why capitalism and democracy sometimes don't mix

Oral Presentation to the Martha's Vineyard Commission

"Vineyard Politics Involves Clash of Villagers and Vagabonds"
Neighborhoods and the ultra-rich

The Vineyard Gazette, Winter, 2003

"Can We Beat Them?"

The Vineyard Gazette.

"Golf Course - No! Amusement Park/Casino - Yes!"

"Memories of Harthaven"

"What Makes Martha's Vineyard Unique?"

A Man like John Wesley Mayhew Whiting

"How Big is Corey Kupersmith's 40B Stick?"
A whitepaper review of Chapter 40B

The Vineyard Gazette

"Steamship Roulette"
Dialing for reservations

The Vineyard Gazette

"Ancient Ways"
A Vineyard sense of place

The Vineyard Gazette - May 21, 2004

"Wrestling the Cottage"
Coming home to a cold house

The Vineyard Gazette - July 3, 2001

"Early Morning - Off Season"

painting of Seaview Avenue - Oak Bluffs - by Sanford Ballard Dole Low


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